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Are you in need of the best fencing contractors in Winchester? Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester are able to give you the best in security fencing, decorative fencing and many other services besides. Our professional team are dedicated to giving you the best service of any Winchester fencing contractors. Call us today on 01962 600219 and our friendly staff can arrange a survey at a time that’s convenient to you.

Winchester Fencing Contractors

Here at Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester, we pride ourselves on being the premier fencing contractors in Winchester. Our team are highly experienced and we offer superior service at competitive prices. We’ve been providing many types of bespoke fencing solutions to an array of customers and design the fencing around your specific requirements.

Whether you’re after high quality fencing for security, decorative fencing to achieve a customised aesthetic look for your property, or if you’re simply looking to add a little privacy to your home and garden, we can help. Winchester fencing contractors, Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester, have perfect options to suit all purposes.

Our professional tradespeople are available to commercial property owners, so if you’re a business owner looking to effectively and affordably secure your property, look no further than the best fencing contractors Winchester has to offer. All of the fencing we provide is the best quality available, procured from our reputable and long-term suppliers.

The number of different options available can be overwhelming to start with, but fret not. Simply contact us via our online form, or call us and our team can arrange a survey and quotation. We can visit your site and ascertain your requirements and provide designs and solutions to give you the results you deserve. As well as fencing options, we have gates and high-security locks available that can be seamlessly incorporated into the design to give you convenient access, wherever you need it. Our team will work with you every step of the way to provide advice and information to help you get exactly what you need.

Sometimes high-security options aren’t necessary, and it’s more suitable and better looking to employ one of our many decorative options. They’re great solutions from our fencing contractors Winchester, for giving your home that extra bit of class and appeal. Our skilled team of Winchester fencing contractors can help you decide what kind of first impression you’d like to make with your home, and present solutions according.

As with the high-security fencing options, we will conduct a free survey and consult with you to decide the best approach to take. We will gain a lay of the land, which will help us eliminate unsuitable options. After this we can discuss colour options, height and materials as well. Combining our knowledge and expertise, we can work with you to bring your vision into reality. You’ll know as soon as we arrive that you’ve made the right decision using Winchester fencing contractors, Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester.

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Other Services From Our Fencing Contractors In Winchester

Over the years, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in many areas of groundworks, so our fencing contractors Winchester are able to offer many services with superior quality at prices you’ll love. If you need more than just fencing alone, our fencing contractors in Wandsworth offer other services, such as:

Simply give us a call on 01962 600219 today and we’ll happily go through the options with you.

Resin Bound

Our fencing contractors Winchester team are able to effectively utilise a system known as Resin Bound Aggregate. This is a solution for driveways and paths that we’re renowned for. We only use the best aggregate available from premium and reputable suppliers, so you know that you’re getting the best available. Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester are on hand to transform your property with aesthetically pleasing and very durable surfaces from our fencing contractors Winchester.

The Resin Bound system uses a two part resin polymer to act as a binding and setting suspension for the kiln-dried aggregate. There are many options available for the aggregate applied into the surface. Each aggregate achieves a different aesthetic and finish, and some of the options available include:

  • Barley Beach
  • Cornfield
  • Haybale
  • Lunar Falls
  • Natural Wicker
  • Roasted Red and more

The aggregate you choose is blended with the two-part poly inside a forced action mixer, combining the elements together. The suspension is then evenly and carefully spread over a prepared surface, which should be tarmac, concrete or something similar. If the surface is not suitable, the resin bound aggregate will not adhere to the surface properly, and therefore inhibit the durability and longevity of the surface.

Depending on your chosen aggregate, the layer will settle to between 12-25mm thick when the resin has cured. This surfacing solution presented by our fencing contractors Winchester is useful for getting rid of trouble puddle-forming areas, imperfections and light damage.

Maintenance of the surface couldn’t be easier. When the resin is cured, a finishing layer is applied to the surface. This helps seal the surface against permeation from dirt, oil and other substances that can mar or stain the resin or aggregate. This later provides non-slip properties and makes cleaning and maintenance a simple task. The application of a hose, brush or jet washer (maximum pressure of 1.5bar) is sufficient to clean the surface. Oil and fuel spillages are erasable with a sponge and a mild detergent and water mixture.

Resin Bonded

This presents a great alternative to the Resin Round system from our Winchester fencing contractors. Using a similar resin applied directly to the prepared surface, either tarmac or concrete, with no prior mixing. The aggregate is applied directly to the surface, and the resin in a process called ‘blinding’, and partially sinks into the unset resin.

After the resin is cured, the screed is bonded in place with a strong and durable adhesion to the surface through the resin compound. After setting, the loose aggregate is swept away to give a clean, even finish. Similar to the bound surfaces, the aggregate dictates how thick the layer will be, but generally ends up between three and six millimetres deep. Some aggregate options for this method are:

  • Buff Bauxite
  • Danish Quartz
  • Grey Bauxite
  • Staffordshire Pink
  • Rhine Gold
  • Red Granite and more

The finishing layer is applied, just like the Winchester fencing contractors bound surfaces, providing excellent non-slip traits, and act to seal the surface to prevent surface damage and discolouration. The surface can again be cleaned simply with a brush, hose or jet washer, and oil can be cleaned with the same sponge and detergent mixture.

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Tarmacadam Surfaces

As the most professional fencing contractors Winchester has to offer, our professional team are fully qualified and very experienced with providing superior tarmac driveways and paths. Their expertise and our premium materials and processes can be applied to give you the best playground, car parks and short sections of road as well.

We make the tarmacing process look simple and easy, but it’s a great way to add value and appeal to your property if you’re looking to sell. For commercial buildings, a clean and crisp tarmac car park with professional line markings can make a great first impression, giving you the edge at those all important business meetings.

For our full range of services and comprehensive information, take a look at Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester.

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Our team are all fully qualified and uniquely experienced in fencing and groundworks, and are consistently delivering the best quality work fencing contractors Winchester has to offer. At Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester, we pride ourselves on striving for perfection, and tailoring your experience with us to deliver a bespoke and personal feeling, every time. All of our tradespeople are fully insured and certified to carry out their respective specialities and much more beside.

If you’ve got any doubts, please view our testimonials page and see the great feedback we get for our work. One example of a happy client had this to say; “An excellent company to work with. They were efficient and carried out a great job. Some extra work was required and they checked with us first and was happy to carry this out to get it completed on time. I found them very reliable and professional and would have no hesitation in recommending them. I will be using them again in the near future.

You can also view our gallery to see our work with your own eyes. We know you’ll love what you see.

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