Resin Bond Driveways & Paths

Our Resin Bonded System

Our Resin Bonded System in Winchester is a low maintenance system that is very decorative. It involves resin being applied directly onto an existing firm substrate (such as tarmacadam or concrete). Afterwards, it gets blinded with a natural aggregate and finally, the excess stone is wiped away.

This system is laid to a depth of 3mm to 6mm depending on the size of the aggregate we will be using.

To further enhance the natural beauty of the stone and provide a rich finish, a second sealer coat can be applied to the top surface. We have a wide selection of aggregates available for a perfect finish each time.

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    Suitable for:


    Park & Paths




    Features & Benefits

    Durable and hard-wearing

    Quick laying time - up to 500 m2 per day over existing suitable substrates

    Low maintenance

    Clean application

    Highly decorative and enhances appearance of surroundings

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    Can be brushed, hosed or jet-washed (up to 1.5 bar) to remove direct / debris

    Oil / spillages removed with mild detergent and water

    Please follow our cleaning and maintanence schedule

    Colours to choose from

    We have an excellent range of finishes available to suit any driveway, pavement and garden. These decorative options are made from the highest quality materials that allow low-maintenance properties and long lasting life.