Tarmac Driveways in Winchester

Is your Driveway looking a little worse for wear? Are you in need of a sleek driveway to compliment your property? We’ve got good news for you; Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester provide the most professional service and exceptional tarmac driveways in Winchester. Contact us on 01962 600219 today for a free quotation and survey. Having been in the business for many years, we guarantee you won’t find better service and quality for a lower price anywhere else. Our team are motivated to exceed all expectations and deliver exceptional service on every level.

The Best of Winchester Tarmac Driveways

A properties appearance can be vastly improved with a smooth, unimpaired driveway outside it. Loose gravel driveways can be a nightmare for many reasons, not least of which the risk to your tyres. The loose aggregate also gets everywhere and is easily kicked accidentally, risking damage to windows and surroundings. The loose stones can also wreak havoc with your lawn mower, destroying the blades and potentially firing stones in all directions.

Tarmac driveways in Winchester, provided by our professional team of tradespeople, are a rapid and cost-effective solution to your problems. If you’re in the market to sell your home, a well-presented exterior complemented by a sleek and smooth driveway will look much more appealing when compared to a property with a decrepit driveway. The housing market is tough enough to succeed in without your property being held back by easily solvable issues.

Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester have been bestowing a sense of elegance to properties for years with our tarmac driveways Winchester. Our team are highly professional, qualified and motivated, aiming to exceed expectations and give you a driveway to be proud of. You can be sure one of our Winchester tarmac driveways will secure more attention from the market than an old one.

Businesses can benefit from our tarmac driveways in Winchester as well. Our team’s expertise encompasses car parks and road sections, and so we can transform the forefront façade of our company. A business executive turning up to a meeting to be met with faded lines and a bumpy ride is less likely to be in a favourable state of mind. But if he arrives on a jet-black, unmarred car park, then it shows your business takes pride in its appearance.

We all know first impressions count for a lot, so let Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester help your property’s exterior trump others with our tarmac driveways in Winchester.

You will be taken through the whole process from start to finish. This includes the design, installation and aftercare as well. Our specialists design all our tarmac driveways in Winchester to the highest industry standard, using the best materials and employ our quintessential business ethics and etiquette. We will ascertain your requirements and design the surface around them. Whether you need to maximise space, improve accessibility or transform the aesthetic, we have you covered.

If you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life, and defined tarmac driveways in Winchester won’t cut it by themselves, we’ve got the solution. Amidst the abounding number of other services we offer, block paving can be used to add a more bespoke feel to your new tarmac driveways Winchester.

The block paving can be added as a border to contrast the tarmac’s jet black appearance and give your path a decorative edge. The block paving can also be used to surround the tarmac, so your driveway can be a refined pure black runway leading to a flawless block paved parking space. The contrast can greatly improve the overall aesthetic of your property, and even be a rapid method of adding value. Call us today and enquire about tarmac driveways, Winchester.

For business car parks and short expanses of road on the property, we can apply the road markings needed. Once the surface is completed, you can keep our old format, or we can help you decide on a completely new format for the car park.

Tarmac driveways in Winchester are a great solution. They display high durability, strength and longevity, but also a certain elegance and luxury. Their surface is also easily maintainable and provides non-slip characteristics, perfect for rainy British weather.

Other Services

If Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester tarmac driveways in Winchester isn’t ideal for you, our services also include: Tarmac Driveway in Winchester

There are few options as versatile and quickly implemented as tarmac driveways in Winchester, but our other services are available to those considering other options.

Resin Bound

As with tarmac driveways in Winchester, our resin bound surfaces provide a new level of excellence to a property’s façade. Whether your home is already stunning or is looking for something to improve its overall aesthetic, then resin bound driveways maybe the solution you’ve been waiting for. The system allows for a completely bespoke appearance, and we offer a range of options.

The system is comprised of a two-part resin polymer, which is combined with your chosen aggregate inside a forced-action mixer. The resulting combination is then applied directly to a prepared surface, either tarmac or concrete. This may require our services with tarmac driveways in Winchester if your driveway isn’t suitable for direct application.

The layer depth varies from 12-25mm thick depending on your chosen aggregate. A few examples of available aggregate are:

  • Barley Beach
  • Cornfield
  • Frosted Dawn
  • Lunar Falls
  • Mocha Beach
  • Natural Wicker and More

With varying colours, textures and finishes, this is a very customisable option. After the resin cures and the surface is stable, a finishing coat is applied on top. This seals the surface, adds a non-slip element and also makes the surface very easily maintainable, as with our tarmac driveways in Winchester. They can be brushed, hosed or jet-washed (max pressure 1.5 bar) to remove debris and dirt. Oil and spillages are easily removed with mild detergent and water.

Thanks to the hard-wearing, non-slip nature of the surface, they make perfect surrounds for pools, spas and courtyards, as well as driveways and paths.

Resin Bond

Resin bonded is an alternative system to bound, but with just as much flexibility and room for customisation. As the name suggests, instead of the aggregate being bound in the resin, it’s bonded directly to the surface. The resin is applied to the surface, without mixing in the kiln-dried aggregate beforehand. The screed layer is applied to the resin, known as ‘blinding,’ and the resin acts to bond the two together. Any loose stones are swept away and, similar to bound; a finishing coat is applied.

Some options available for the bonded surfaces are:  Tarmac Driveways in Winchester

  • Brittany Bronze
  • Corn Flint
  • Danish Quartz
  • Grey Bauxite
  • Staffordshire Pink
  • Rhine Gold and More

Both bound and bonded driveways give a unique appeal to the property and are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. With durability and non-slip being aspects of the surfaces, it’s no wonder Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester are known not just for our tarmac driveways in Winchester.

Soft Play

The surface characteristics of our tarmac driveways in Winchester are perfect for cars and heavy usage, but not so much for headstrong children catapulting themselves towards to ground. Winchester Resin Driveways Winchester’s tarmac driveways are known for strength and durability, but our soft play surfaces place emphasis on impact-absorption and safety. We’re proud to supply only the highest grade EPDM and SBR, which are professionally installed to produce impressive results.

The materials used provide flexibility in the design and appearance of the finished surface, whilst being safe and reducing the risk of injury during the many adventures children will undertake. Our services with paths and tarmac driveways in Winchester can be applied as a perfect accent to the soft play areas.

Artificial Grass

Are you tired of getting out the old mower and maintaining an increasingly decrepit lawn? Our artificial grass makes a perfect companion for our Winchester tarmac driveways. Our NamGrass is the highest quality available on the market and is perfectly at home being utilised by adults, children and pets alike. So say goodbye to miserable trips to the garden in the rain to drag your mower around. Without needing your mower, your front garden can stay maintained without damaging your tarmac driveways in Winchester.

The selection of NamGrass available for professional installation is wide and varied. We offer an assortment of natural looking colours and effects, but if you want something a little different, we’ve got colours like royal blue and bright yellow as well. If you want to attract market attention, combining our Winchester tarmac driveways with our artificial grass solutions will definitely be effective.

Why Us for Tarmac Driveways Winchester

Now you’ve found us, you won’t need another number to contact for tarmac driveways in Winchester ever again. We’re the leading contractor when it comes to quality, customer service and value for money. Over the years, we’ve built up a sterling reputation for our services, and thanks to this most of our contracts come from recommendations to friends from previous clients.

We offer a free quotation and survey before we start the work, and our quotes are no-obligation. If you’re not totally convinced yet, please visit our gallery to see what we can offer you.

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